Create an original and unique atmosphere in your interior by choosing the highest quality furniture and designer designer items for use and decoration from renowned manufacturers from around the world. The collection of our brands includes such companies as Eichholtz, Christian Lacroix, Max Benjamin, Fradsen, CosmoLight, Pols Potten, MTI Furninova, Sits, Miloni, Hugle, Ton, Pip Studio, FS Home Collections, Designers Guild or Ziemann.

By visiting BBHome's residential and commercial interior design online shop, you can get everything you need to create a modern, yet highly functional space. We have a wide range of furniture and various accessories for interior design. We recommend especially modern sofas, designer lighting, elegant coffee tables and tables, tableware and carpets, exclusive textiles and decorative pillows. Choosing BBHome products, you can be sure that every room in your home - living room, dining room, bathroom, study or office - will gain a unique character, consistent with modern trends in interior design.


For those who are looking for stylish and original elements of living room and dining room equipment, the BBHome e-shop has prepared an extensive collection of designer lounge furniture distinguished by originality of forms, excellent workmanship and extremely elegant finish. Examples of this type of furniture are armchairs - earrings, swivel and Italian, sofas - folding with sleeping function, modular, 2-seater and corner sofas, as well as various kinds of pouffes or upholstered benches that can serve as comfortable shozlong. Using the offer prepared by our shop with home and commercial interior design, you can also get designer coffee tables and side tables, elegant chests of drawers or bookcases, decorative consoles, as well as tables and modern chairs with different construction and style of finish.

The offer prepared by our shop with home furnishings also includes a number of stylish accessories that will help to arrange any space. They will be perfect both in the arrangement of modern interiors maintained in a minimalist or loft style finish, industrial, Scandinavian, as well as in highly decorative interiors in glamour, hampton or New York style. An example of the accessories we offer are original Eichholtz lamps, including designer ceiling lamps and modern wall lamps, ideally suited to the needs of fashionable lofts, spacious apartments or studio interiors. A stylish addition to the living room and dining room are also decorative mirrors made of the best quality materials, surprising with their high originality of shape and form, increasingly popular bio-fireplaces, as well as decorative lanterns, candles and chandeliers, paintings or clocks.


Fans of interior design accessories will surely also like the textiles from the BBHome offer - unique tapestries, classic blankets, fashionable bedspreads, modern decorative pleats, elegant decorative pillows and stylish curtains. Interesting texture of materials and unique design of textiles will add an elegant and stylish character to the interiors of your home or apartment. What is more, the wide range of textiles available at BBHome makes it easy to change arrangements and adapt them to the seasons or our mood.

The interior design of the living room and dining room will also be complemented by a wide range of tableware - jugs and kettles, porcelain bowls, cups, cups and plates delight with their forms and original decorations. The cake shades and glasses made of classic and elegant glass also look great on the table and bench. The tableware assembled in such a way will become one of the most important elements of the table arrangement and will make every meal consumed with your loved ones or at a party take on a stylish character.


Especially for those who want to live in elegant and luxurious interiors, we have also prepared a design offer. Our experienced team of specialists constantly follows Polish and foreign trends in interior design and adapts the best of them in projects made for our clients.

We offer both apartment and house design projects. We also specialize in home staging, i.e. professional preparation of real estate for rent or sale. Specialists from BBHome Design also deal with the coordination of renovation and construction works and the selection and purchase of equipment perfectly suited to the needs of our customers. At each stage of the project we provide professional advice and guarantee the satisfaction of using comfortable and comfortable interiors. The products selected for arrangement from BBHome offer are synonymous with modernity, elegance and unique design.

Our designers are waiting for your message:, +48 698 502 578. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the full collection of our products and to place orders!



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